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  • RM Williams

    Oiled kip leather uppers, treated sewn welt composition sole, flat one piece composition heel. The heel is soft and formed to give you super grip in cold and slippery conditions. Very popular in Europe in colder conditions that have snow and rainy conditions as these boots are build to endure harsh surfaces with its insulated and gripping sole.

    • Hand-made from a singular piece of Greasy Kip leather
    • Wide Round Toe
    • Treaded Composite Rubber Sole
    • Leather Inner Sole
    • Flat, one piece composition heel
    • Pull-on woven tugs with Signature RM Williams branding
    • Elasticated sides
  • Rossi Boots
    Apollo Safety Boot
    • Full grain black oily leather Uppersole
    • Closure with double stitched elastic panels
    • Steel toe cap protection
    • Polyurethane contoured comfort
    • Rossi Endura Air Cushioned sole
  • Rossi Boots
    Endura Workboot
    • Full grain leather
    • Double stitched elastic side closures
    • Polyurethane contoured inner for comfort
    • Rossi Endura Air Cushion Sole