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Care and Maintenance

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  • Driza-Bone
    Drizabone Oilskin Reproofer (Net 400g)
      Oilskin Care
    • Heat the wax slowly and gently
    • Apply it with a sponge or a brush
    • Allow to dry naturally for 24hrs
  • Driza-Bone
    Desert Wax Reproofer

    We want your garments to last you as many years as possible which is why we recommend reproofing your Desert Wax coat or jacket when you start to notice it drying out. Our Desert Wax Reproofer is recommended for restoring and extending the waterproofing qualities and is a great way to keep your coat going for as long as possible

  • Driza-Bone
    Oilskin Reproofer Spray

    We want your Oilskin garments to last you as many years as possible which is why we recommend keeping one of these spray bottles on hand. In an easy to use spray bottle, our handy Reproofer Spray is ideal for restoring and extending the waterproofing qualities of small Oilskin garments like our hats and bags, or the seams and other small areas of larger garments.

  • RM Williams
    Suede Cleaner

    Made in Australia, this is a non-abrasive cleaner that helps to renew suede, nubuck and other fabric products. Spray onto a clean cloth or sponge and work cleaner in a circular motion to surface of article. Leave to dry naturally and brush up nap when dry.

  • RM Williams
    Leather Conditioner

    Made in Australia, this quality leather conditioner softens and protects leather. Apply the condition evenly with either a clean cloth or hands. Allow the conditioner to penetrate before buffing off excess to a soft sheen.

  • RM Williams
    Saddle & Leather Dressing

    Australia's most popular saddle dressing especially prepared to preserve all types of leather. This dressing can be universally used to preserve, condition and nourish all leather products.

  • Rossi Boots
    All Weather Suede & Nubuck Protector

    Rossi Boots Suede and Nubuck Protector contains water and oil repellant properties and soil releasing agents. Made in Australia.

  • RM Williams
    Stockmans Boot Polish

    Made in Australia, this is a quality boot polish designed to restore colour to scuffed boots. Available in a variety of colours. Apply with a clean cloth and rub in well. Buff briskly with a buffing cloth to obtain a high shine.